Playing "Where's Waldo" With Your Website

Playing "Where's Waldo" with your website

I remember the sheer panic and anxiety that came over me as a child when I opened a “Where’s Waldo” book to a sea of people who decided to dress almost exactly like the one guy I was supposed to find. I also remember, about 5 minutes into my search, the sinking feeling of fear when I thought, “What’s going to happen if I can’t find him?” I wonder if this has anything to do with my aversion to crowds and striped shirts. Regardless, wondering how you’re going to get your website found on Google can induce the same panic, anxiety and fear that comes with the task of finding one guy in a world of eerily matching people.


Covering the basics

If a person builds a website in the forest and no one sees it, does it really exist? Of course it does. But if no one sees your website, its purpose is left unfilled. Building a website without understanding what search engines look for is just like that…and once you find out where your website has landed deep in the forest of search results, you’ve got a long, painful hike out of the woods.

We have a very thorough process when building new websites (view our standard SEO practices here). We’ll make sure your new site is built on a solid on-site SEO foundation, including proper code structure, putting keywords where search engines look most, visitor traffic analytics, and more. We also set up off-site tools to increase your search engine rankings, such as Google Places, blog setup, and social media integration.


“I want results, and I want them now!”
Keep in mind, proper SEO takes time, and it’s just as much of an art as it is a science. Search engine algorithms are built to weed out shady “black hat” SEO practices. If anyone guarantees “1st page placement with immediate turn-around," watch out. That’s a red flag for potential black hat practice.


“What do I do now?”

Is your website lost in the woods? We can help. Contact us about setting up a free initial consultation for your “search-engine and rescue operation.” We want to hear from you!