Domain Names and Web Hosting

Web Site hostingYour website needs a place to live (in other words, a web host).

We maintain re-seller relationships with several leading hosting providers in order to provide the best home for your web site.

But before we can host your website, it needs a good domain name! J3media  provides domain name services, including:

  • Domain name registration - Find your perfect domain name now!
  • Domain name renewal - We remind you when your domain name is up for renewal and will renew it for you.
  • We make sure your domain name is registered correctly so you don't run the risk of losing  your domain name due to administrative error (it happens often).
  • Domain name transfer, if you choose to move to a different registrar.

Sleep peacefully knowing your domain name remains under your control, and there's just one number to call if you have any concerns: ours!