Why Work with J3media

We’ve heard the stories …

  • The website built for next to nothing by a semi-professional – or cousin’s boyfriend, or college student – who’s suddenly nowhere to be found …
  • Hours spent navigating ad-ridden “maze” websites of large hosting companies, fearful that any day now your carefully selected domain name could be lost …
  • Websites built in an era of the web long passed and ones that just missed their target …

We design it. We build it. We maintain it.

We know your website is an integral part of your brand marketing. You want it to be a great looking, functional, professional representation of your business. And you expect to be part of the process and make updates without hassle. We are passionate about this stuff. We’re here for you every day.

Recent Stats

96,736 Cups of Coffee

150+ Happy Clients

2,000 Phone Hours 

100% Customer Satisfaction

Harrison McInnis

Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Problem solver extraordinaire, Harrison is a skilled, hard working Durangotang with a passion for the internet. He joined the team in 2012 and owner by early 2017. By 2020 he hopes to be President of the USA.


Haley Hudgens

Graphic Designer / Photographer / Web Developer

Haley graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Digital Art and Computer Science. She considers herself an artist at her core and loves working with digital media. j3media feeds her desire to design something new every day, and her creative spirit brings innovation to the team.


Company History

In 1999, three website developers worked together for a local internet provider.

  • Their names: Josh, Josh, and Joel
  • Their office: A converted broom closet
  • Their chairs: Paint buckets

In 2004, when the ISP decided to drop web design from their list of services, the “three J’s” acquired the web department and marked the birth of J3media. Our first office was not much more impressive than the broom closet – 200 square feet above a coffee shop. But the dream had come to life and since then we’ve worked to become one of the most respected and reliable web companies in Durango.

Now based in The Century Building, we have a solid process and an amazing team dedicated to helping our clients find their voices on the web.